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Therapeutic Support

"For students with anxiety, school phobia, school avoidance, difficulty reaching or maintaining the standard of behavior and attendance expected."-Cindy D'Arcy

Collier High School offers a wide variety of support to meet every student's needs. Each student is assigned a licensed counselor that they meet with at least once a week.

Some of the support Collier High School serves includes but is not limited to:

  • A licensed counselor that they meet with at least once per week
  • Group Therapy
  • Speech Therapy
  • Occupational Therapy
  • Substance Awareness Support
  • Therapeutic Enhancement Programs
Our Counseling Team:

Social Services

Alexa Crapanzano, LSW ext. 110

Danielle Cristofano, LCSW ext. 114

Stephanie Englander, LPC/LCADC/SAC ext. 101

Melissa Hudson, LCSW/Clinical Coordinator of Social Services ext. 103

Susan McBride, LSW ext. 240

Laura Nagy, LSW ext. 112

Barbara Raffel, LCSW ext. 115

Josh Schwartz, LPC ext. 113

Shepherding, STAR, and HARP

Ashley Staggard, LPC/Clinical Coordinator Intakes and Referrals & Therapeutic Enhancement Programs ext. 104

Crystal Gouldthorpe, LSW ext. 274

Philomena Haghighi, MSW Intern ext. 272

Sydney Houston, LSW ext. 273

Haley Bisogne, LSW ext. 348

Kristen Brophy, LPC ext. 117